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Tuftane films are highly extensible, soft and easily draped making them very useful when improving the performance of all types of textiles.

As a hot melt adhesive they are excellent for combining dissimilar materials and can be used to provide fire retardancy, anti static, waterproof and breathable membranes.

Tuftane films are proven to withstand industrial washing cycles and dry cleaning.


Applications include the following:

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Badges, Labels, and Emblems

Tuftane TPU films used as a hot melt adhesive film are ideal for heat bonding identification emblems and labels to fabric. Resistant to industrial washing cycles and the aggressive detergents used. The flexibility of the Tuftane film maintains the performance of light weight fabrics over large surface areas for even the most demanding applications. Emblem can be removed by heat.

Badges, Labels, and Emblems

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Advanced Clothing Solutions

This gauge Tuftane TPU films used as membranes within a system of fabrics can offer technical garments a combination of numerous benefits including good durability, wash or dry clean, low weight and comfortable, low noise, and breathability.

Advanced Clothing Solutions

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Elastic Tapes

Tuftane TPU films slit into thin tapes are used to provide strength, elasticity, and stiffness in conventional clothing areas such as bra straps and waist lines.

Increasingly technical sports clothing uses elastic reinforcement in strategic locations to improve performance and conformity with the body.

Weatherproof seam seals in tents, rainproof clothing and bags, and protective covers is another popular application for Tuftane TPU films.

Elastic Tapes