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Food & Drug Processing

Some Tuftane TPU films offer a range of compliance levels for use on food and drug processing lines including FDA  Articles 175.105, 177.1680, 177.1210, 177.2600 and EU Directive 2002/72. These compliance levels combined with key properties such as:

- Resistance to oil and grease breakdown
- Resistance to frequent hygienic cleaning (acidic & alkaline)                   requirements
- Stain resistance

- Resistance to microbial growth
- Resistance to wear and cracking
- Retention of properties over a wide range of temperature ( -50°C to 70°C)


These attributes generally mean Tuftane TPU will out perform other plastic and rubber materials in terms of durability, maintenance costs, and risk of contamination across a wide range of conditions meaning reduced material consumption and downtime for users.


Applications include the following:


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Conveyor Belts

Transparent and coloured Tuftane TPU films are used  for wet and dry food preparation as protective membranes on conveyor belts due to their regulatory compliance, stain resistance, and wear resistance.

Conveyor Belts

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Flexible Tubes, Bellows, Sleeves and Ducting

Flexible connections within the pharmaceutical sector require Tuftane TPU films to have amongst other qualities excellent fatigue resistance, transparency, and durability.

Anti static additives are utilised within Tuftane TPU films to help eliminate the threats posed by the build up of static charge.

Flexible Tubes, Bellows, Sleeves and Ducting

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Aprons and Protective Apparel

Compliant Tuftane TPU films offer excellent protection when used as aprons during meat preparation.

Light, drapable, strong, easy to fabricate with excellent stain resistance and easy to clean, they offer longevity which surpasses alternative solutions.

Aprons and Protective Apparel