Permali Gloucester

A - Z review of Specific Applications

Advertising balloons Earpads for stereo headsets, communication earphones Jar grips Respirator diaphragms
Air circulator chutes Elastics Labels Safety glass/impact-resistant glass
Airbags Electronic equipment components Laminate to belting material Sailboat sail laminate
Airline flooring Emblems backing and adhesive Laminate to fabric for wallcovering, or decorative furniture Shoe uppers
Airline furnishings External/Internal keyboard covers Laminate to foam for soundproofing Shower curtains
Aprons Fabric reinforcements Laminate to material for insulation Ski boot liners
Artificial heart components Foul weather clothing Laminate to parachute material Silo breather bags
Athletic shoe sole inserts Freezer pouches Laminate to snow skis Smoke bonnets
Automotive components Fuel cells Life vests Sonar buoys
Bio-medical devices Fuel tank liners Light shields Special food packaging applications
Blackout drapes Gaskets/seals Livestock I.D. tags Splicing material for conveyor belting
Blood plasma bags/colostomy bags Golf umbrellas Luggage backing Sporting goods accessories
Bonding for drapery, sheet hems in lieu of sewing Hatbands Mattress covers Stadium section diaphragms
Bonding for two different types of fabric Helmet liners Numeral and letters for T-shirts and athletic uniforms Surgical drape
Book covers Horseshoe liners/pads Office furniture Tablecloth laminate
Bookbindings Hospital pads Oil pouches Tank liners
Breathable medical bandages Hospital gowns Outdoor furniture pads and covers Tent laminate
Buoyancy compensators and inflatables Hospital isolation draperies Packaging bands Upholstery laminate
Cable fairing Hot/cold therapy pads Pipe thread sealant Valve seals
Car wash components Igloo moulds Player piano keys Vapour barrier
Compression seals Infant wear Pocket/patch reinforcement Vapour seals
Computer components Inflatable cushions Pressure-sensitive tape Water filter components
Disposable gloves Inflatable greenhouses Prostheses Wetsuits
Down vest liners Inflatable sleeping bags Protective laminate for glass Wire jackets
Drive belts Inflatable waterbeds Raincoats Zipper reinforcements